Meet Stateless in #scalax

Published: Nov 27, 2017 by Jesus Lopez-Gonzalez

In a few weeks, our team will travel to London to attend Scala eXchange 2017.
We're really excited about it, because we'll be introducing so-called optic algebras in a lightning talk.

Optic algebras emerge to overcome existing limitations on the standing techniques to handle the data layer of real-world applications. On the one hand, optics support rich patterns to manipulate data, but they're restricted to immutable data structures. On the other hand, algebraic abstractions such as MonadState provide the means to work with general settings (relational databases, microservices, etc.), but their associated patterns are really poor. Optic algebras attempt to supply rich patterns while remaining general, combining therefore the best of both worlds.

We'll take this opportunity to premiere our new Scala library, which we've affectionately named Stateless. This library exploits the notion of optic algebra and aims at making it easier to deal with the state of your applications. In this sense, you could implement the data layer of your application and its business logic once and for all, using the domain specific language provided by Stateless, and later interpret it into particular state-based technologies. This library thus complements other open source efforts of Habla Computing (our functional architecture studio) such as puretest, to contribute to the functional ecosystem of Scala.

We look forward to seeing you in #scalax!

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