Juan Manuel Serrano

Juan Manuel Serrano

CEO & Co-founder

Juan Manuel is the CEO of habla computing and a teacher.

Latest Posts

Shape-dependent computations in Scala ... and Agda!

Published Oct 24, 2018 by Juan Manuel Serrano

In this post we will solve a little programming problem, mainly with the excuse of talking about ...
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From "Hello, world!" to "Hello, monad!" (part III/III)

Published May 30, 2017 by Juan Manuel Serrano

In the first part of this series, we saw how we can write the business logic of our applications ...
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From "Hello, world!" to "Hello, monad!" (Part I)

Published Jan 22, 2016 by Juan Manuel Serrano

This is the first instalment of a series of posts about the essence of functional programming. Th...
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The Speech Console

Published Jul 29, 2013 by Juan Manuel Serrano

During these months, we have tried to explain Speech using different strategies and metaphors, wi...
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